Guitar truss rod bar dual action Hot Rod ® style 18" (457mm), 4mm Allen nut

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Dual action truss rod Hot rod ® style

18" (457mm) length for guitar, also available for bass size (24")

It has a smaller 4mm (5/35") Allen nut head for adjustment, 4mm ALLEN KEY INCLUDED

The smooth two way actions corrects upbow and backbow giving a complete control over the neck

This neck adjustment features twin stainless steel rods in threaded brass collars

Weight: 140gms



This truss rod fits into a straight channel (11.2x6.2 mm). For proper operation it must be installed so that the active rod (the rod with the adjustment nut) is below the passive rod. You must make a wider and deepest channel for the truss rod head (7mm x 11.7)

A wooden filler stick is not required in the channel.

It´s also recomended that once you´ve made the channel you should spread a couple of silicone dropleats in the middle of the channel before installing the rod (below and over it before installing the fretboard). That will avoid the rods vibration in the channel.

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