Telecaster ® 50s Body Electric guitar 1 piece Spanish Figured walnut, unique

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  • Body thickness: 45mm
  • Material: 1 piece Spanish Walnut (Juglans regia)
  • Scale length: 25.5" (648 mm)
  • Stock nº: 210501
  • Weight: 3000 grams
  • Slightly rounded edges at about only 2 mm radius, so you can also install binding if you want
  • Routed exactly as the 52 s original Telecaster models (16 mm depth in the neck pickup and 22,22 mm in the bridge) top loaded circuit
  • Jack flat Hole 7/8" (22.22 mm) Telecaster vintage standard
  • String  through Holes, and Ferrule rear Holes pre-drilled
  • Fits any standard Telecaster bridge (10.8 mm between strings) Totally compatible with Gotoh WT3 and GTC201/202 bridges
  • Neck pocket fits any standard Fender Telecaster neck, 4 bolt-on system and of course is fully compatible with all our Tele replacement necks
  • Already sanded to 120 and 240, only needs final sanding and finish
  • Pickups and electronic pockets are already connected between them with a 6mm drill hole
  • This is a unique piece, you´re buying exactly the item in the pictures
  • This body have some cracks in the left lower side already repaired with some Epoxy (see the pics)

This body can be made in other configuration and in other woods on demand, you can select them form our private wood stock. Please feel free to ask

This product is completely MANUFACTURED IN SPAIN respecting the standards of quality and sustainability


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