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Guitar top bookmatched Spalted maple 4A grade, unique stock 186

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- Dimensions: (2) bookmatched pieces 560 x 180 x 7.5mm (not glued)

- Weight: 900 gms

- Material: Spalted maple 4A (acer saccharum)

- Stock: 186

- Kiln dried wood ready to use

- Already finished in planer and thickness sander, only needs final sanding

This is a unique top, you´re  buying  exactly the item in the pictures

- This blank has some missing parts in the centre of the board (something typical in Spalted Maple) that can be easily repaired with expoxi. Please see datiled pic

 All our products are made in the European Union respecting the standards of quality and sustainability

Wood grade explanation

As you can see there are several grades in the figured wood. 

1A or 2A is low figured wood

3A Medium figured

4A Medium / high figured

5A High figured

MG is Master grade or excellent figured

We don´t work a lowest quality than the 4A

If you don´t find your top please ask

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