Electric guitar Honduras Mahogany 2 pieces body blank, unique stock 209

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Dimensions:  500 x 387 x 45mm 2 Titebond glued pieces block

Weight:  6,2 kgs.

Stock number: 209

Material: First quallity Honduras Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla)

Air dried wood for more than 20 years and ready to use

Already finished in planer and thickness sander, only needs final sanding

This is a unique numbered blank, you´re  buying  exactly the item in the pictures

All our products are made in the European Union respecting the standards of quality and sustainability

This kind of wood is the one used mainly in the famous Les Pauls, PRS and other top rated guitars

Honduran Mahogany is a great tone wood and it's famous for its strong mid-range and its warm, organic tone. it's also great for working, it cuts and sand easily, routes cleanly and stains and finishes effortlessly, that´s why most manufactures have been using this wood for decades

This high quality blanks will run out very soon, we have a very limited stock and it won't last at this price


Honduras Mahogany is listed in the CITES regulation. In the EU countries the CITES permit is NOT REQUIRED. If you are outside the EU please contact us

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